How to Hackintosh a Razer Blade Stealth

  • Before I start this guide, I’m gonna assume that you know how to hackintosh and have a bootable USB ready with OSX Sierra or whatever you want.

    Download This

    After installing Clover, delete the clover folder and use the clover folder I provided. This is the combination I got to work, and it includes all the drivers and kexts you need. After that, you’re gonna configure your SMBIOS with the Macbook 11,2.


    This hack does not have trackpad or WiFi support. There’s no wifi support because nobody has written a kext for it. Trackpad support is impossible because of the way Razer built the laptop. See, the keyboard and trackpad are tied together in one USB device for Razer synapse to work. Razer would have to make drivers directly for OSX to make it work.

  • Hi thanks for the EFI provided by you. I have successfully installed 10.12.3.HD520 4k output is no problem, but the upper left corner flashes. Will you set up a BIOS MOD? DVMT? 128mb? Please explain in more detail, thank you.

  • @xiecongnan come to our discord and we can help you

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