ASRock G41M-vs3 R.2 OS X El Capitan Guide

  • So,as my hackintosh install was finally completed, i decided to make a guide for people that use this motherboard.

    What you’ll need:

    A 8gb minimun USB drive (or a HDD if you’re as crazy as me);
    A El Capitan compatible PC;
    A VM/Mac

    Set ACPI HPET Table to enabled.

    [Skip this if you have an iDevice/mac device.]Step 0: Creating the VM.

    Follow this guide:

    Or, if you prefer virtualbox :

    Step 1: Creating the USB Installer

    Download the install OS X El from here : and drag it to the Applications folder in the VM.
    Now,download this in the VM and extract it :
    Now, open Disk Utility (using spotlight or going over to /Applications/Utilities/ in Finder).
    Erase your USB as OS X Extended and as GUID Partition Map.
    alt text
    Now open the USB Installer Creator Tool and do as i say: Press enter;
    Select “Create with createinstallmedia” (write 1 in the terminal);
    Enter your password and press enter;
    Enter again.
    Drag the Install Mac OS X El Capitan application in the terminal.
    Select the number that matches your installation media/USB, mine is 3, then press enter.
    alt text
    When it asks you if you want to erase the disk,write Y only if you want your installation media to be 1 partition, as i want my installation media to be more than 1, i select N.
    Now,be patient and wait. If you get any errors during this phase, come around and ask on our discord server :
    Now, when it’s done copying the files over, download this :
    Run the file , click continue 2 times;
    Then click on “Change install location” and select your install media ,now click on Customize and select those options:
    alt text
    alt text
    and click install;
    Download these kexts
    Now open the EFI partition, go to EFI/Clover/Kexts/Others and put whats inside of the kexts folder (i uploaded) to the others folder.
    Now download this config.plist and extract it to the Clover folder (EFI/EFI/Clover/).
    Extract this to the USB.
    Now,lets move on to the next step.

    Step 2: Installing Mac OS X

    At the BIOS boot screen, click F11 and select the Mac OS X installation media,
    When you boot into clover, choose your installation media (NOT clover EFI)
    If you get stuck during the boot , ask for help in our discord.
    Now you might see a message box with a list of utilities , choose disk utility.
    Erase the disk you want to install Mac OS X as Mac OS X Extended and as GUID Partition Table
    alt text
    Now click erase, when its done,close disk utility and go on with the installation
    After the first phase of the installation is done, reboot and select the USB again.
    After the second phase is done,we can move to the next step.

    Step 3: Post Installation

    Now set up your Mac OS X following the instructions the setup gives you,when its done, remove the AppleHDA.kext in the directory System/Library/Extensions, after that, use kext utility to install both kexts, then restart.
    Boot via the USB again and select the disk that Mac OS X is installed in and install clover with the settings we used,but now select the HDD as your install destination

    Comment if this worked and what i should improve on.

  • wow finally hahaha, good job kiddo! :D

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